Chinese New Year 2020


Jolly new year vacation seemed to be over but it’s not true! The Chinese New Year celebrated from January 25 is coming. So, it is time to once again impressively, jolly and in a big way have a good time. In order not to miss the most spectacular moments it is not necessary to go to China, South Korea and Thailand. Sure, it is nice to go there but if it is not possible at the moment, than the exotic atmosphere of Asia is going to absorb you at the Maritime Exhibition Centre on February 1. It is here where we’re going to celebrate the last but not least New Year 2020!

The museum has prepared an intriguing programme for guests who would still like to continue celebrations; it is not only funny but educative as well. Visitors will get to know the mythic culture of Korea, China, Japan and other Asian countries. Hot dances by Amjad Studio and July Dance Family, artistic workshops, martial arts display by the Asian Culture Centre are going to impress you. Kumiho chain store will make lovers of Korean cosmetics and sweets happy with its articles and prizes. Of course, there will be special guests – Panicon! Festival – and their cosplay performances illustrating favourite characters for manga- and anime-laces!

The Maritime Exhibition Centre in Svetlogorsk will become a venue for diverse activities: Chinese calligraphy workshops, Go game contests, water & sand drawing lessons as well as a breathtaking quest “Chinese astrology”. Together we will reveal a secret of the mythic word “o-mikuji”, create a real paper lantern and tie a knot for good luck.

Sure, there will be culinary stuff! The restaurant Kooksie Moon is glad to treat guests with original and very delicious Korean cuisine. Once you taste culinary masterpieces prepared by Korean cooks, you’ll fall in love with kimchi, galbi, japchae, bibimbap and bulgogi as well as other dishes so dear for citizens of Goryeo.

Well, see you at the Maritime Exhibition Centre in Svetlogorsk; 11 Lenina Street, Svetlogorsk. Let’s have fun and enjoy delicious food!


Winter Offers!

On January 22, the Museum of the World Ocean launches traditional winter offers!

Astrological Signs
The first lucky one in the list is Aquarius. Those who were born on January 21 to February 18 can visit the exhibition Depth free of  harge. Guests who were born on February 19 to March 20 (Pisces) are welcome to the museum aquariums to get to know the life of freshwater and seawater inhabitants.

Tatiana’s Day
People named Tatiana and, of course, students and cadets are invited to the exhibition The World of Travels at the exhibition hall Packgaus on January 25. This is your chance to “travel” to Southeast Asia, both Americas and Africa without spending a penny.  Please, bring and show a document proving your date of birth or a student’s card to get your free-of-charge-ticket at the ticket office.

You can support the construction of new housing


Dear friends! You can take part in construction of the new building of Museum of the World Ocean with your donation.


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