Let's clean the ocean together!


Did you know?

19% of Earth’s coral reefs have disappeared in recent 20 years.  Annually the Pacific Ocean is contaminated with 9 million tons of waste Every eighth person has got no access to clean drinking water
Freshwater fish population has reduced twice by the present day 

How to stop this?

The answer is to take care of what we have got now as well as to reduce waste and recycle it. The Museum of the World Ocean supports this idea and takes part in three ecological events.

On September 28 to October 15, the museum holds a photo competition devoted to your personal activities on collecting garbage on the seacoast.

On October 17 to 26, the museum calls for self-made posters devoted to ecology.  Please, bring you works to the Museum of the World Ocean (1 Petra Velikogo Embankment, Kaliningrad, Russia).

We love the sea!