A White Sailor Hat and a Striped Sailor Collar


The History of Russian Navy Uniform Narrated Together with Yevgeni Grishkovetz
From 17 May, 2018

The exhibition is devoted to the history of the Russian Navy uniform of the late 17 th century to the present day. The history of the Russian Navy suit is one of the most interesting topics of the national culture. This subject has not been studied until now. In fact, there have been no publications on the history of navy uniform. Of course, some individual studies were conducted. In the Soviet period, Captain 1 st Rank S. Yuryev succeeded in tracing the subject up to 1943 but he did not manage to summarize the materials and give a full description of a navy uniform. Yuryev’s materials are kept at the Central Naval Museum (Saint Petersburg, Russia). Today, the most comprehensive study of a navy suit can be found in The Russian Uniform in 1696—1917 (2008) by V. Dotsenko and G. Getmanets.
The exhibition features the full dress and semidress uniforms, shoulder marks, military personnel
insignia of the Soviet and Russian Navy. Melee weapons from the collection of the Museum of the World Ocean are on display for the first time ever.
Presented at a separate section of the exhibition, is a personal collection of navy uniforms of the Russian playwright, stage director, writer and honorary citizen of Kaliningrad – Yevgeni Grishkovetz. These are 22 unique navy headdresses from 16 countries worldwide. Unique artifacts that Yevgeni Grishkovetz donated to the Museum of the World Ocean from year to year are on display as well.