Viktor Patsayev’s Star


Kaliningrad Oblast is 4 cosmonauts’ motherland. They spent their childhood here as well as studied and started their “trip to stars”. Viktor Patsayev was one of them. On June 19, he could have celebrated his 85 th jubilee. Alas, his fate was different. In June, 1971, he died on his way back to Earth. However the memory of the fellow townsman is still fresh; moored at the Historic Fleet Embankment, the only ship left of the star flotilla has his name. Timed to Viktor Patsayev’s birthday, the exhibition was opened on the R/V Kosmonavt Viktor Patsayev on June 18 showing our townsman as he used to be in his real life: a talented scientist, a loving husband and father. Visitors can see personal belongings of the cosmonaut, photographs from family archives handed over to the museum by his daughter Svetlana Patsayeva and his last interview which he gave before the launch. It is very short – 2 minutes long – but it gives an opportunity to listen to the legendary person’s voice through time and space.

The exhibition is located on board the R/V Kosmonavt Viktor Patsayev.