Reach for the Stars



November 9 - December 30, 2018

The Museum of the World Ocean presents a new exhibition To the Distant Worlds.

Thanks to Valerii Sytkin’s works every guest can make an intergalactic voyage. You have never seen the stars so close, trust us! However, the most breathtaking pictures are diverse nebulae – tempting, enigmatic and incredibly beautiful, they literally drag you into a vortex.

Have you ever dreamt of seeing the 5.5-million-year-old Eagle Nebula one day? Or taking a good look at the Andromeda Nebula which comprises about 1 trillion stars?

It takes 2.52 million light years to reach the distant Andromeda. But one can bridge this distance thanks to Valerii’s good skill who has been fond of astronomy since childhood. His child’s interest has become an adult hobby. In order to take one photograph Valerii spends 10-15 hours! It is easy to explain – cameras unlike a human eye can accumulate light grain by grain during several hours, so it is possible to take a detailed image of a distant object. The longer a signal is accumulated the better is the quality. It is amazing but astronomic photography allows to see space objects in detail that is impossible even with the world’s most advanced optic tools. It is always astonishing since what we look at really happened thousands, tens of thousands years ago!

The photographs presented at the exhibition were taken from an amateur observatory at his own house in Kaliningrad in 2015-2018.