Treasures of the Ocean: WEST vs EAST

Mysterious and mystifying underwater life through the eyes of venerable Russian and Finnish photographers, laureates of many photo contests, at a new exhibition in the main building of the West-East Museum: bizarre stones, rocks covered with sea anemones, canyons, grottoes inhabited by a large number of marine creatures - from the simplest mollusks to jellyfish, spider decorator crab, tropical shrimp and cuttlefish. The desire to see and capture what is hidden from our eyes often leads photo artists to the most amazing and inaccessible corners of our planet. Hoping to obtain unique shots, photographers conquer mountain peaks, descend to the ocean bottom, spend hours waiting for a perfect moment to take a picture, and risk their lives.

The exhibition presents photographs made by Russian artists in the coastal waters of Sakhalin and Moneron, as well as Finnish ones – taken in the depths of the Baltic Sea.

The exhibition is open in the main building of the Museum of the World Ocean.

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