The Disappearing Shores of the Sambian Peninsula


The Museum of the World Ocean invites to Svetlogorsk. The exhibition “Disappearing Shores” at the Maritime Exhibition Center is now open. Unique paleontological samples will guide you to the mysterious world of ancient inhabitants. Their fascinating story is captured in stone, and we have a chance to read this stone book. There are more than 100 “pages” in it, and the oldest is “written” 500 million years ago. However, there are more “recent” records - the bones of animals of the ice age, they are only 40 thousand years old.

You will be surprised to find out that those records are located right under our feet. If you walk along the beaches of the Sambian peninsula, especially in the vicinity of Cape Taran or Svetlogorsk, you will notice high steep banks and a large amount of boulder-pebble material - igneous and sedimentary rocks. The latter often contain fossils belonging to different geological systems. And it is important to decrypt the “hieroglyphs” left by our planet. And the new exhibition may become the alphabet that will help you to figure everything out.

The presented fossils were diligently collected by the local collector of antiquities - candidate of biological sciences Efim Izrailevich Kukuev. Beautiful illustrations for the exhibition are taken off the coast of the Sambian Peninsula, composed of Cenozoic rocks. Having become acquainted with the new exhibition project, you’ll learn to distinguish prints of the ancient cephalopods and all kinds of trilobites under your feet.


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