Artist and captain. Just fate ...

Exhibition of paintings and graphic drawings by Romanas Borisovas (Lithuania)
September 20 - November 20, 2019.

On September 20, 2019 at 16:00, the personal exhibition of a Lithuanian artist Romanas Borisovas “Artist and Captain. Just fate”, which consists of 44 paintings and graphic pieces will be officially opened.

The main direction of his work has always been architecture. In Kaliningrad he is not so famous as a maritime painter. However, marine painting occupies a very large place in artist's life. This is due to the fact that Romanas Borisovas is not just a professional artist who paints the sea. He is an artist with a captain’s diploma, a yachtsman with fifty years of experience. And during all these years, sheets of paper, pencils and watercolors were the constant companions of the captain-artist. He painted islands he passed by on this yacht, ships, waves and coastal cliffs.
While he was at sea, he painted with watercolors and created pencil sketches, and on the shore he gave his perforation to the oil paint.
The art of Romanas Borisovas presents us seas and shores, seen through the eyes of an artist and a sailor sincerely in love with the atmosphere of the sea, its lines, shores and sharp verticals of masts and sails, cutting through the endless horizon.

The exhibition runs until November 20, 2019. We are waiting for you at the art gallery of the Maritime Exhibition Center of the Museum of the World Ocean in Svetlogorsk, Lenin street 11 (Amber Hall building).

Brief information about the artist
Romanas Borisovas was born in 1949 in Vilnius, where he later graduated from the Art Institute. He has accounted for more than 80 solo exhibitions in European countries, Russia and America. Many of artist's works are now in museum collections and private collections in various countries of Europe, America, Africa and even in Australia. Thousands of nautical miles remain behind the stern of his yachts - more than two laps around the equator in total. Romanas Borisovas took part in regional and international regattas more than once.

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