Thirty Lighthouses of Northwestern District

All the thirty lighthouses of the Northwestern Federal District can be “visited” at once at the Museum of the World Ocean. Guests of the museum can “see” the lighthouses located in Leningrad and Kaliningrad Oblast as well as in Saint-Petersburg.

The exhibition is based on the images made within the project for the Leningrad Regional Branch of the Russian Geographical Society, “The Lighthouses of the Northwestern Russia”. Its goal is to study and promote lighthouse service. A lens collected a number of unique objects: the oldest Russia’s lighthouse Tolbukhin (founded in 1719 by the order of Peter I to the west of Kotlin Island); the tallest lighthouse Storozhenskii (71 m) on the shore of Ladoga Lake; the tallest Russia’s navigation mark – a rear leading mark of the Lesnoi pier of the Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg (73 m).

A part of the photographs was made on Ladoga Lake; some photographers tell about lighthouses on the outer archipelago of the Gulf of Finland, others show the lighthouses located very close to Saint Petersburg, e.g. near Kronstadt. Some expressive pictures were taken in Kaliningrad Oblast, the westernmost Russia’s region. As a rule, lighthouses are situated in picturesque locations and their constructions are usually original in terms of engineering, so a photograph depicting a lighthouse is expressive and easy-to-remember.    

Andrei Strelnikov, author of the photographs, is a professional photographer, member of the Russian Geographical Society, member of the Russia’s Union of Artists, author of photo albums The Land of the Gulf of Finland and The Lost Worlds of the Baltic.

The exhibition opens at the Congress Hall till January 27.

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