Exhibition by Sedov’s 100th Anniversary

In 2021, the STS Sedov is celebrating its jubilee. The beautiful tall ship turns 100 years old! In honor of this great day the Museum of the World
Ocean is working at a new exhibition. It will be based on the artifacts collected during Sails of the World circumnavigation commemorating 200 years since the discovery of Antarctica and 75 years of the Great Victory.

Two museum employees, artist Eugenii Mashkovskii and senior research officer Pavel Matviets, worked on board the barque Sedov. So, the museum continues the traditions of Russian navigators who used to practice research activity on an expedition. The voyage resulted in collecting over 500 artifacts and samples from all over the world (biological and geological) as well as photographs and drawings that are going to supplement the State Museum Collection and tell about the 2020 circumnavigation to future participants.

The exhibition was announced by Svetlana Sivkova, director general of the Museum of the World Ocean, at the press conference and
meeting with captains of Sedov, Krusenstern and Pallada.

The exhibition is launched in February, 2021.

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