Embraced by the Southern Continent

Would you like to see a cold beauty of the Antarctic, drop at penguins’ and seals’, fly together with albatrosses and find yourself in an ice cave…The Museum of the World Ocean, the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition and the Clean Seas Foundation invite you to the shores of the Southern continent!

The new exhibition “Embraced by the Southern Continent” features 16 works by famous photographers from Russia and abroad - Paul Nicklen, Stanislav Zakharov and John Weller who travelled to the South Pole. Paul Nicklen is a prize-winner of international awards including BBC Wildlife and World Press Photo Awards; Stanislav Zakharov is a biologist, a navigator and an underwater photographer; John Weller is a documentary photographer and the Last Ocean Nature Conservation Project Fellow. Each photograph is labelled with a description. For example, the photograph “A Blue
Iceberg” by John Weller “tells” about how to estimate age of an iceberg visually and the work by Stanislav Zakharov “In Search For” brings you closer to the Antarctic fauna. As well, a VR-zone is present at the exhibition: it will totally immerse you into the “embrace” of the Southern continent discovered by the Russian navigators Fabian Bellingshausen and Mikhail Lazarev on the naval sloops Vostok and Mirny 200 years ago.

The Antarctic today is the most mysterious, little-populated and unexplored continent. This is here where 62% of Earth’s freshwater is concentrated as well as 88.5% of the Southern Ocean total area – pristine marine ecosystems. Protection of a vulnerable world, biodiversity, nature and environment of the Antarctic can unite different countries and nations in the era of global threats. Guests of the Museum of the World Ocean can make a virtual “tour” to the shores of the Antarctic, see the beauty of far-away latitudes and learn about researchers’ work and the challenges we face today.

The exhibition “Embraced by the Icy Southern Continent” is on at the main building from January 29 to April 04.

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