Romance of the Sea

The Russian Art Centre is opening the exhibition ‘Romance of the Sea. Paintings by Russian and German Artists of the 19th Century’. Visitors will enjoy original works of art, created by professors and postgraduates of the Kunstakademie Königsberg and the Russian Academy of Arts in Saint Petersburg.

The academies appeared within a century of each other. Their key goal was to raise professional masters and trends were set by the academic style. Students were sent to Italy and Switzerland to broaden their knowledge and enrich the palette. There young talents manifested most
striking facets of their talents via canvases. Created abroad, the works by students – future great painters – let curators display examples of perfect art of the 19 th century at one site. The canvases at the exhibition are linked by, of course, the many-sided sea, which is a source for inspiration, knowledge and spiritual strength.

The exhibition features works from the Russian Art Centre’s depository, including art by the outstanding Russian seascape painter Ivan Aivazovsky, the virtuosic landscape artist Julius Klever; professors of the Kunstakademie Königsberg Maximilian Schmidt, August Berendsen and many others. As well, it is worth mentioning a special element of the exhibition – a unique architectural concept for the Packgaus exhibition hall. The site, where the exhibition is displayed, imitates a deck of an old ship, setting off to the sea, thus creating unparalleled atmosphere of sea voyages.

The exhibition is on at Packgaus from July 9 to September 6, 2021.

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