R/V Vityaz: Renovation Continues

Everyone, who visited the legendary ship of science, the first and key attraction of the Museum of the World Ocean, the staff calls “the museum’s heart” – the R/V Vityaz – in the recent days, could notice something unusual: how ship’s decks were being repaired. It allowed to estimate how much effort was necessary to preserve ships of cultural heritage. The time has come to refresh a deck on the Vityaz since it was repaired at the dry dock of the Svetliy Shipyard in 2019. The old flooring has served for ten years with a five-year guarantee. The works are carried out at the meteorological platform; it will be covered with a wood-polymer composite planking. This material has been already applied at a certain part of the deck and proved itself durable. As well, it is planned to mount a shed and a canopy at the meteorological terrace as it used to be during the ship’s research life.

The total area is almost 700 m², comprising the aft and bow (pinewood here), the boat deck and the radio & amp; meteo rooms. Changes are also coming in the ship’s crew saloon: a deck here will be replaced, too. Carefully and gently, to enjoy the refreshment in the future, the museum staff disassembled a permanent exhibition of over hundred items, displayed at once the jolliest and noisiest hall on the Vityaz, where crewmembers used to spend their free time and have lunch. Dishware of the Vityaz era (second half of the 20th century) and music instruments, the main of which is the 1940 H.F.Flemming piano, a constant participant of voyages on the ship of science, are among the exhibits. The Vityaz crew’s life is described in publications made by participants of the expeditions, a ship’s route map, keepsakes from far-away countries and a copy of the wall newspaper compiled by the 65th research expedition. The works are performed within the project “Two ships — common sea. Soldek and Vityaz: maritime heritage of Poland and Russia”, Russia-Poland cross-border cooperation programme 2014—2020, co-financed by the European Union and the Russian Federation.

It should be noted, the Vityaz is going to be available for visiting as far as possible during the repairs. The deck will be re-covered step by step. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and will keep you informed about any shifts in the opening hours.

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