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Presentation of the Photo Album Krasin


On July 12, 1928, the icebreaker Krasin saved the survived  members of Umberto Nobile’s expedition.

On July 12, 2016, the Museum of the World Ocean commemorates the heroic event at Packgaus exhibition hall by presenting the photo album published by Paulsen Editions. In 2017, the icebreaker Krasin (Branch of the Museum of the World Ocean in Saint Petersburg) celebrates her 100th anniversary. She has been an icebreaker-warrior, icebreaker-toiler, icebreaker-explorer and icebreaker-museum – there are so many pages in her biography! She has been a hero of articles, books, TV-programmes, research works and documentaries. The Red Tent, a joint Soviet/Italian 1968 feature film, is also devoted to the legendary icebreaker.

The photo album The Icebreaker Krasin. The History in Photographs is a result of the museum employees’ years-long work. It is based on the museum depository materials, supplemented with photographs from private collections, other museums and archives.

The main part of the photographs related to the Russian Far East period (1934-1950) is located at the Historical Museum of G.I. Nevelskoi Maritime State University (Vladivostok) and the Russian Far East Marine Steamship Line (Vladivostok). These photographs were kindly given for the publication.

The photo album devoted to the Krasin is a present for everyone who was interrelated with her, who is interested in the maritime history, the history of the Arctic exploration, and the history of Russia.


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