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Water Assembly Welcomes Guests

The first autumn month is a period when you want to keep the summer, enjoy the last warm days and fill with good mood. No wonder, the Museum of the World Ocean chose September to invite residents and guests of Kaliningrad to a grand event on water – Water Assembly, a festival of historic boats!

This year, it is held on Sunday, September 9 on the River Pregol, near the museum’s Historic Fleet Embankment. Guests of the assembly are going to see the parade historic boats consisting of the museum flotilla. A new exhibit, Phophan two-seat pleasure boat, will specially arrive from Karelia to the festival. The project was developed in 1990 by the famous Saint Petersburg shipwright Van der Vliet for the best national rowing boat competition. Since that time, Phophan was series-built and proved to be a safe pleasure boat having got perfect seaworthiness. She will be presented to guests of the festival for the first time.
A delegation from Samara is going to share their plans on the project devoted to a historical reenactment – Rurik’s Way expedition to the Varyag Sea.

However, Kaliningrad shipwrights build good traditional boats as well: the Venetian gondola built at Andrew Shevtsov’s workshop in Gurievsk in 2018 is taking part in the parade, too.

Moreover, guests are going to enjoy an impressive spectacle – a real waltz on water performed by canoes, baidarkas, flyboardists, on-stage performance groups and, of course, rowing regatta Vityaz’s Mile that is getting more and more popular. There are so many participants this year that the referee’s board decided to hold the regatta twice – preliminary rounds on September 8 and final and most spectacular and breathtaking competitions – on September 9!

Residents and guests of Kaliningrad are also welcome to visit all the museum exhibitions and Bosun’s Store antique shop where collectors present their diverse artifacts related to the sea.

You are welcome to the Historic Fleet Embankment of the Museum of the World Ocean on September 9 at 10 a.m.!

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