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20 Years at the Museum Quay


The scientific-research vessel Vityaz, one of the main symbols of Kaliningrad, celebrates  anniversary of the moorage at the museum quay on the City’s Day. This day the legendary scientific ship will show the history of creation of Museum of the World Ocean in the pictures and the modern graphic works and art will tell about the ship’s discoveries. The installation in the mess-room will move you into the Mariana Trench and show deep-water inhabitants. Live music on the deck, cosy tables outside and tasty drinks are organized specially 11:00, and the exhibition opening is going to take place at 14:00 on the ship’s deck. Moreover, young guests can jump on a trampoline.

Today Vityaz is not only the main exhibit but she is a ship that started the museum, the only complex maritime museum in Russia, she is a legendary ship that untied peoples of different countries and continents during the post-war period. Her history is an absorbing book. Its pages are devoted to amazing ship’s fortune that rescued refugees from Koenigsberg, discovered the Mariana Trench and new type of animals, revealed saury and survived 11 years of neglect.

You will get to know about her reborn and the great work on Vityaz restoration. Today Vityaz is in service again as one of the main sights of the Amber Land. Millions of visitors have walked on her decks and visited her expositions during 20 years. Vityaz revealed them the secrets of ocean depths, Russian expeditions and Polar research.

Kaliningrad citizens and guests are welcome to celebrate the anniversary guest who visits Vityaz on July 12 gets a small keepsake. The holiday starts at together on July 12!


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