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To watch a virtual tour of the submarine B-413 click on the image (~80 mB)

This is the most detailed virtual 3D-tour over the B-413 submarine, project 641 (Foxtrot as per NATO classification). You will be able to see all the sections and compartments of the submarine. The submarine is unique as it has been maintained in its original state. You’ll be able to see all the mechanisms, equipment and armament as they were at the time of the removal of the submarine from the Russian Navy. Only the virtual tour shows the sections which are not accessible during a real-life visit! An authentic atmosphere is created by threedimensional background sound, recorded from operational submarines.

Make the virtual 3D-tour full screen for comfortable viewing. Move in any direction, keeping the left mouse button pressed. For navigation use indicators in panoramas, menu (bottom of the screen) or in the left upper corner of the 3D-tour.

Enjoy the 3D-tour!

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