The 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica

In 2020 Russia marks the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica. Employees of the Museum of the World Ocean are taking part in the most ambitious round-the-world sailing expedition held in honor to this date. In addition to performing scientific tasks they will have to implement exhibition projects on board the barques. One of these exhibitions is “P.N. Mikhailov. Journey to the South Pole” made in collaboration with the State Russian Museum.

The Museum of the World Ocean decided not only to develop the project, but also to get its guests acquainted with modern technologies used for the study of Antarctica. There are two projects aimed to accomplish this. The first project is a kind of journey into the past. The artworks of Pavel Mikhailov tell about the famous expedition of Bellingshausen and Lazarev who discovered the sixth continent - Antarctica. Replicas are not only made in the same format as the originals, but also accurately convey the itinerary of the expedition as well as the skill of the artist. The second project tells about the technologies used by scientists to study Antarctica 200 years after its discovery. Displayed items were received from “Vostok” station named after one of the sloops used in the discovery of the southern mainland. Under the station there is the largest subglacial lake on the continent. There are thermal drill bits presented at the exhibition that were used to reach the lake.

Both exhibitions provide a great chance to see the distant, discover Antarctica for yourself and learn the history of the South Pole.

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