One Country – Diverse Peoples


The Maritime Exhibition Centre in Svetlogorsk invites you to visit the Far North – “the northernmost” exhibition One Country – Diverse Peoples starts on November 26. It is devoted to results of the Arctic and Antarctic expeditions by Alexei Vakhrameev. About 40 watercolours and graphic works from the icebreaker Krassin will be displayed. They depict the North via the artist’s eyes who took part in the expedition on board the legendary icebreaker in 1935. In his works Vakhrameev mainly portrayed Arctic landscapes.

However, he often sketched animals and, of course, inhabitants of the Far North, those who are called small-numbered native peoples according to geographic and ethnographic vocabulary. Sketches of the shoreline were made during sailing that is why speed and accuracy of a work were essential for the artist (until the mid-20 th century such artists were called “coastline sketch artists”). The story is supplemented by amazingly beautiful and fine traditional decorative and applied art pieces – carved and engraved ivory (bone). Household items and the Chukchi baidara present both national colour of the natives in the Far North and their unique and diverse traditions.


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