The Catchy Sea


The sea is catchy. It hits your body and soul. The sea inspires and makes us create even funny things. And if an artist lives by the sea, there is no doubt they can certainly reveal the topic “a human and a steamer” in detail and in a humorous way. The project with the abovementioned title was prepared by the famous Kaliningrad caricaturist Igor Pashchenko – for Saint Petersburg.

Citizens of the most cultural and maritime Russian city can laugh and philosophize. This is especially nice that they can do it on board the oldest Russian icebreaker – Krassin – the branch of the Museum of the World Ocean and so a piece of Kaliningrad land in the Northern Capital.

Twenty-five amusing drawings with a sophisticated byplay show how a human and a steamer can interact and how often a person turns into a ship and a steamer – into a human. And, please, remember, if you travel to Saint Petersburg from Kaliningrad then you’ll find a piece of your hometown here, aboard the icebreaker Krassin.


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