They made the impossible possible and turned science fiction into reality. In 2021, we are going to talk about them all the year round – the jubilee year of Russia’s space victories. It is full of the milestones: the 60 th anniversary of human spaceflight; the 55 th anniversary of Luna-9 and Luna-10 missions; the 50 th anniversary of robotic space probe Mars 3 and the 50 th anniversary of the first space station Salyut-1. There is one more special date – the 75 th jubilee of the Kaliningrad region, the homeland of cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, the Honorary Citizen of Kaliningrad.

At all times people watched the stars dreaming of space exploration as well as strived for traveling and getting to know their home, the planet Earth. We are proud that the space conquest era began in our country. On 12 April 1961, Yuri Gagarin made the first space flight around the globe on Vostok-1. A new step into the Universe was made on spacecraft Voskhod-2 in 1965 when Alexei Leonov, our fellow-townsman, performed spacewalk. One more important date is 35 years since the legendary space station Mir started its work uniting the nations and becoming home for the first astronauts from many countries. A new exhibition ‘The Spacewalk’ at the Maritime Exhibition Centre in Svetlogorsk (branch of the Museum of the World Ocean) will tell you about prominent inventions, the first artificial satellites and latest technology for space exploration. The exhibition was prepared under support of the Government of the Kaliningrad region and in collaboration with museums and scientific production enterprises in Moscow as well as museums in the Kaliningrad region.

Visitors will see Alexei Leonov’s personal belongings (a glove of the spacesuit for spacewalk and a flying helmet), ORLAN-MKS spacesuit for spacewalk provided by ZVEZDA Research Development & Production Enterprise and an installation of the first human spacewalk (3D projection and a spacesuit model Alexei Leonov left the spacecraft). Models of modern sputniks for Earth’s surface study from the museum collection will be premiered at the exhibition. Among gems of the exhibition there are canvases by A.Leonov, A.Sokolov and Yu.Pokhodayev from the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics (Moscow), Kaliningrad Regional Museum of History and Arts and the Kaliningrad State Art Gallery. As well, the exhibition features photographs of spacecraft and photographs of Earth from the ISS by cosmonauts S.Krikalev and O.Kononenko.

Who are we in the Universe? Are we the only ones? Are we ready to meet another form of life? We continue watching the stars and try to imagine the future world as well as to answer philosopher I.Kant’s three internal questions: What should I know? What should I do? What should I hope for?

The exhibition ‘The Spacewalk’ is opened for visiting in Maritime Exhibition Centre (Svetlogorsk).

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